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Muslim Friendly what?
Muslim Friendly Travel involves creating tailor made travel experiences with the customers unique requirements at the forefront. This can range from Halal food at the hotel, private beach and pool areas for ladies only to 100% alcohol free hotels and resorts. Each persons needs can vary so this is where My Pure Trip’s attentiveness sets them apart from other regular travel agents.
Okay, tell me more..
More and more Muslims are now very keen to explore new destinations. However, they still feel some of their requirements are not adequately met in many countries. My Pure Trip is changing that by offering more and more countries where normally Muslims would hesitate to visit.
Interesting, tell us more about the founders…
A business that has been set up with their own personal savings without any bank/interest loans, they believe their business should be run with the Islamic ethics at its core. This ethos has helped them to gain customer confidence and trust. Amir (co-founder) says “Islam was spread across continents due to the ethical ways in which the Muslims traded with the rest of the world. They were truly the first ‘Muslim Friendly’ businesses”
Great! I’m sold. Anything else?
Having set up their travel shop in the West Midlands with a high percentage of Muslim residents, they’ve had a great response from the local community. They dedicate their time to give customers the confidence to travel to different destinations by addressing their concerns and offering them travel options personal to them.

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