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Sri Lanka and The Maldives Two Centre Honeymoon


Pure Trip gives you a chance to experience an exhilarating honeymoon showstopper to the land of the elephants Sri-Lanka and to the serene romantic emerald isles of The Maldives.

On the day of you arrive in Sri-Lanka you will have the pleasure to witness a truly breathtaking event at the Minneriya National Park called: ‘The Gathering’. This is a stunning visual spectacle  where you see hundreds of elephants arrive by herd to the Minneriya reservoir, a true feast for all nature lovers. Moving forward you will have so much to explore and indulge in as Sri Lanka offers naturally beautiful green lush reserves and tourist attractions which are classifiable as natural or anthropogenic. Natural attractions include nature spots, flora and fauna which are far and wide in Sri-Lanka. Also archaeological, cultural, historical, world religion sites, performing arts, folklore, handicrafts and artefacts are just some of the attractions on offer here.

Then be ready for just 1 hour flight away is your next destination, the breathtaking isles of the Maldives. Enamouring beaches, azure waters, thrilling activities, and exotic weather, Maldives tourism is adorned by such charming features and a lot more. The tourism of this island country boasts of a plethora of Maldives tourist places that lure backpackers, honeymooners as well as families. Visit Maldives to experience the tropical charm of these islands in the Indian Ocean. For decades, the breathtaking place has carried its engrossing elegance by attracting tourists from all parts of the world.

You will be staying at a luxurious 5 Star resort transferred by speed boat upon arrival. Here you will be charmed by sandy white shores, crystal  clear blue lagoon waters, and magical sunsets and  award winning cuisines, pure bliss.


When to go

Best time to travel is between November and June.


We recommend up to 12 days in length.

Average price

Price varies greatly upon the time of year you travel. please contact us for exact pricing according to your dates.