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Castello Serragiumenta Calabria

We are excited to offer you our latest Halal Destination located in the breath-taking Southern-Italian countryside.

Pure Trip is proud to hold exclusive rights to sell this beautiful and charming property, which is ideal for customers looking for a Halal Italy experience.

If you book through Pure Trip you will be provided with the following provisions to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

  • Fresh organic Halal food specially prepared by the hotel chef
  • Prayer direction in each guest room
  • No alcohol in the mini bar in guest rooms
  • Private pool access


The Property

Castello Serragiumenta is a charming residence located on a captivating hill in the Calabrian countryside between the Lonian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The property is immersed in between hills surrounded by green lush vineyards and olive groves.

This Mediterranean dream is ideal for those seeking a holiday of any duration with specially prepared cuisine based on local fresh Organic products. The uniquely prepared Halal Menu is prepared from locally grown organic ingredients within their 500 hectares of land. The cuisine is purely Italian and fresh the way it’s supposed to be for our special and deserving guests.

The History

Built in the sixteenth century by the tenth Count of Altomonte: (Pietro Antonio Sanseverino), the Castle of Serragiumenta bears witness to an ancient and distant history over the centuries.

The Sangineto family that reigned from the early 1300s up to 1381 which was the year in which the Sanseverino family started to reign. The structure of the Castle is perfectly restored and has remained unchanged since.

The elegant interiors of the property, saloon and lounge reveal the atmosphere and the sober taste of the country homes of that time.

The Rooms

The unmatched hospitality of Serragiumenta and certain charm of the spacious rooms in the residence with beautiful apartments facing the scenic garden, and the new farmhouse offers a charming rustic style of its own.

A wide choice of Halal Cuisine and Refreshments await the guests with authentic homemade: Cakes, Jams and fresh Cheese produced from fresh authentic quality organic ingredients.

In the warm and magical light of the sunrise be prepared for an Italian breakfast buffet presented in the garden, lounges or private terrace for a more intimate experience.

Educational too!

This splendid property is not only for couples, it also is ideal for young adults. The farm on the property offers unique educational experiences such as: Cheese making, Vegetable farming, Grape fermentation, and Horseback Riding.  You can also take a step back in time and visit the halls of the Castle for an insightful look at the ancient history of Serragiumenta.



Best time to visit is between April and October


3 to 4 nights

Why not combine it with a stay in Rome for a few nights for the perfect Italian experience!

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